By Christian Herlein, EDRANS Software Engineer.

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Note: code referenced available in GitHub


Since I realized development is still a discipline of the computers science, no matter at what level your programming skills are, I was looking for a small project that allows me to study programming itself, its relationship with maths, and the developer behaviour itself.

Couple of days ago, my colleague (and friend), Zeph proposed to me an exercise. …

By Jacob Verhoeks, EDRANS Cloud Engineer.

In this last year, we have all been working mostly from home, using video meetings to connect to customers and coworkers. How many times did you have an unplanned appearance of someone at your home? There are many viral videos on the internet like this one.

A simple indicator that you are “ON-AIR” outside the room, could help to prevent this.

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Step 1: How to detect if the camera is ON?

Of course we want to automate this, a manual switch can be forgotten. …

By Diego Sgro, Cloud Engineer at EDRANS.


Using AWS EKS with Fargate we can run pods without configuring any server, and we can also configure scaling options based on the traffic (using for example CPU/Memory metrics with HPA).

So, by using this scaling technique, we can scale up in working hours and reduce our deployments to run with at least 1 pod in non-working hours to save money; this article shows you how.

But, those pods have a cost associated and in some environments -like DEV, TEST, UAT- this means wasted money when nobody is using it.

What do we do then?

To fix it…

By Aquiles Calvo, Cloud Engineer at EDRANS.


As time passes, more companies are opting to migrate their infrastructure to the Cloud. At Edrans, we always encourage our clients to take their aging on-premises stack to AWS because of its business efficiencies, cost-benefits, and competitive advantages. Use cases included (but not limited to) computing servers, storage racks, tasks processors, and networking appliances.

One of the most recent challenges involved the migration of DNS zones, specifically, 70 business-critical domains (and subdomains) hosted in F5 to AWS service Route 53, without any service disruption.

F5 provides several solutions, such as the BIG-IP DNS…

By Matías Saavedra, EDRANS Site Operations trainee.

A lot of the technologies that we use every day were created for a single and simple purpose. These technologies, at first used in a localized manner, proved to be innovative, disruptive, or efficient; so many companies started updating, shaping, improving, and implementing them at a large scale.

That is the case of TCP-IP for example, a protocol conceived in the '70s just to transfer packets between a military network, which ended up evolving and making the foundation of today’s internet. But that evolution and massive adoption took decades.

Nowadays, we’re facing another…

By Nahuel Oyhanarte, EDRANS Cloud Engineer

At Edrans, we always try to follow best practices and industry standards, both for our client’s projects and for our own internal stuff. These best practices include (but are not limited to):

  • automation: everything should be automated and easily deployed or replicated, even in a different environment, with as few as possible manual steps
  • CI/CD: goes in hand with the previous one, with a focus on continuous integration, delivery, deployment, and even testing + rollback if necessary
  • collaboration: a good product or service needs close, agile, and real collaboration between everyone involved, with the…

By Tomás Cordara, EDRANS Backend developer

At EDRANS we did a hackathon with the purpose of designing a service layer that would act as a wrapper of an HTTP client and would add extra behavior to it. Cool, uh?

In the end, the organizer of the hackathon showed the development team a solution implemented in Ruby that gives the service layer extra behavior but without changing its implementation, using ideas from Aspect-Oriented Programming, specifically the Decorator Pattern:

This is a hackathon type design
This is a hackathon type design
Background vector created by upklyak —

Hello there, Decorator Pattern

A Decorator is a structural design pattern that lets you attach new behaviors to objects by placing these objects inside special wrapper objects.

By Hugo Lesta, EDRANS Cloud Engineer

At first, sight, integrating Vault secrets with Openshift can be a daunting task, but you can go around different blog posts or documentation on the internet to solve it… sometimes doing this can sound like a lot of trouble but at the end of the day the implementation ends up being easier than you expected.

In this blog article, we would like to explain how to add external Vault’s secrets into Openshift clusters, following a workaround we had to do with one of our customers.

And illustrated image about Vault and Openshift
And illustrated image about Vault and Openshift
Vault and Openshift solution for one of our customers.


Openshift is a Cloud development Platform as a Service…

Banner announcing that EDRANS helps to suppor the launch of professional services in AWS marketplace
Banner announcing that EDRANS helps to suppor the launch of professional services in AWS marketplace
EDRANS announcement about the launch of Professional Services in AWS Marketplace

EDRANS, Reshaping Business and Customer outcomes, announced today that it is participating in the launch of Professional Services in AWS Marketplace.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers can now find and purchase professional services from EDRANS in AWS Marketplace, a curated digital catalogue of software, data, and services that makes it easy to find, test, buy, and deploy software and data products that run on AWS. As a participant in the launch, EDRANS is one of the first AWS Premier Consulting Partners to quote and contract services in AWS Marketplace to help customers implement, support, and manage their software on AWS.

By Manuel Luna, EDRANS Cloud Engineer

On August 6th, due to a critical intrusion on one of our GitLab servers hosted on AWS we were able to discover a 0day vulnerability on GitLab. This issue didn’t fix until Aug 12, 2019, in 12.1.6v

We always try to get the latest version of every service as soon as possible. We believe that all updates, especially the security-related ones are mandatory. Our commitment to the users is to provide the most secure infrastructure we can, and theoretically, every version is more secure than the previous one. …

EDRANS Stories

We are an AWS Premier Consulting Partner company. Since 2009 we’ve been delivering business outcomes and we want to share our experience with you. Enjoy!

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